The Author Experience

You may be wondering why I've chosen to title this post "The Author Experience." I wish I could say it was a museum or amusement park for authors, but it's not. I'm talking about the frustrating, elating, overwhelming and hopefully rewarding experience of being an author. I've thought a lot about this topic. I am … Continue reading The Author Experience

GoogleDocs #$#$(#)*$@#@#@)#@*()

I have good news and bad news. Bad news first, though. That way I can soften up that blow with some great news. Everyone knows that cool thing-a-ma-jiggy called Google, and their amazing word processing whats-a-ma-hoot-sits GoogleDocs.  I wrote the majority of the beginnings of my debut novel, The Gathering Place, in GoogleDocs. I thought … Continue reading GoogleDocs #$#$(#)*$@#@#@)#@*()


What fun, what joy!  I stumbled upon the concept of #PitMad, a Twitter novel pitching frenzy that happens every so often.  New authors such as myself, as well as other established and published authors, get the chance to pitch their novels via the 140 character limitation.  It's frustrating but thrilling.  At first, I thought there … Continue reading #pitmad


Welcome to my brand new author website, created for me by my lovely friend Nicole Stern.  She's incredibly sweet and talented (and patient) so if you need any help creating your own website or brand, please contact her for your website and branding needs. My "official" journey as an author has just begun.  I am … Continue reading Welcome!