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The Gathering Place

Drowning under the weight of being framed for his girlfriend’s murder, famous musician Lucas Harper finds his key ally in his attorney, Samantha Cooper. As Samantha stops at nothing to prove Lucas’s innocence, the murderer lurks, ready to pounce at the first opportunity. A young but bright lawyer, Samantha has the skill to save Lucas, … Continue reading The Gathering Place

The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place is the follow-up to The Gathering Place, which first debuted in 2015. Lila Harrison is now married to long term boyfriend, Jack Hayes, and is missing her best friend Samantha, who now lives in London with her husband, Lucas Harper. A cat and mouse chase through the streets of London ensues as … Continue reading The Hiding Place

Still, I’m Standing

Victoria Lowry isn’t just any ordinary girl. She’s an old soul with a past encumbered with trauma and loss, who escapes to New York City in search of a fresh start. On her journey, she reunites with the grandmother she never knew, Fiona, and wrestles with her burgeoning feelings for Finn Donovan, an irresistible and … Continue reading Still, I’m Standing